Whybrow is an award-winning wayfinding agency. We take complex spaces and make them easy to navigate. We have an impressive track record in wayfinding for landmark public and private buildings.

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Liverpool Philharmonic

​Whybrow shortlisted for Transform Awards

​Whybrow shortlisted for Transform Awards

31st January 2017

Whybrow and creative partners Atelier Works have been shortlisted in this year’s Transform Awards Europe. The awards recognise excellence and reward innovation in branding across Europe.

We have been shortlisted in the ‘Best wayfinding or signage’ category for our wayfinding strategy for Camden Council's new headquarters at 5 Pancras Square. You can read more about the project here.

​Appointed by the British Library

​Appointed by the British Library

31st January 2017

Whybrow has been appointed by the British Library to develop a clear, holistic strategy for external signs and promotional display screens.

The library, located on the Euston Road, St Pancras is looking to develop solutions that respect the building's Grade 1 listing, architectural heritage and are appropriate for the diverse range of library users.

British Museum

Brighton Dome

Who Needs Signs?

Latest thought
21st October 2016

Everywhere we go signs surround us.

Words and pictograms tell us where we are, arrows and directions show us where to go.

But do they help? Do we really need signs?

This is the key question for the wayfinder. Our job is to help people get from A to B with minimal effort. To give people the tools to navigate their surroundings easily.

But we never start by putting up a sign. We start by understanding how human beings think and behave.

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