Camden Pancras Square Leisure

Camden Council has moved into new premises at 5 Pancras Square, part of London’s major King’s Cross development.

The building features a state-of-the-art public leisure facility including two pools, a library, a gym and fitness studios, together with relocated community services. It is also home to council staff in the heart of King’s Cross.

Simple symbols

Working with graphic design partners Atelier Works, we created bespoke pictograms to aid navigation within the leisure centre and public facilities. These pictograms were applied to wall mounted signs made from the same high quality, durable HI-MACS® material used for the building’s reception furniture. This ensures the wayfinding feels part of the visual language of the building, is easy to clean and maintain in a high-use public space.


“Navigation in our 5 Pancras Square building was a challenge: with a wide range of multi-use public and private spaces, it was critical that visitors and staff felt immediately at home and could find their way around with ease. Whybrow has designed wayfinding that is logical and intuitive, and the use of coloured zones brings added vibrancy to our wonderful new building.”

Terry Gallagher, Senior Building Surveyor, Camden Council