City of Westminster College

This 2011 RIBA award winning building – designed by Danish architects Schmidt Hammer Lassen – provides a campus on Paddington Green for the City of Westminster College, constructed on the site of its former 1960’s block.

The college provides state-of-the-art facilities, as well as providing a first class amenity for the local community.

A complex building, with each floor different and featuring an alternately open then closed central atrium, fought one of the fundamental rules of successful wayfinding – consistency.

After studying building user types and their flow routes, we came up with a ‘city quarter approach’ dividing the building in to four distinct quarters ‘SE’, ‘SW’, ‘NE’ and ‘NW’ which then allowed us to number rooms using London post codes ‘NW1’, ‘NW2’ etc. A London wayfinding solution for a building located in the heart of London.

Having developed the strategy and inventory, designers Atelier Works crafted the graphics, currently being applied to perforated plywood and fair face concrete walls alike under our supervision.

A lasting partnership

We have continued to work with City of Westminster College, helping them develop their wayfinding strategy across their other campuses.


Whybrow’s wayfinding concept has proved a great success with staff and students. Despite the complexity of the individual floor layouts, the intuitive approach makes it simple to find your way around our unique new campus.

David Pigden (Deputy Principal)