Ravensbourne College

Ravensbourne is a university sector college innovating in digital media and design, offering a vocational portfolio of courses spanning architecture, animation, broadcasting, fashion, digital film and photography, graphic and motion graphic design, music and sound. Ravensbourne relocated to a RIBA award-winning purpose built campus in London in September 2010.

New Identity and Wayfinding

We developed the wayfinding system in collaboration with design studio johnson banks, who had recently created Ravensbourne’s new brand identity. The design takes its cue from the building’s cladding, a stunning non-periodic tessellation inspired by the work of mathematician Roger Penrose.

The tessellation uses only three tile shapes and these form the brand identity and the internal signage. We analysed building user types and their flow routes to determine ‘decision points’. From this we developed a simple zonal numbering system and sign inventory. The signage was screen-printed and applied to walls and pillars surfaces without having to fabricate and attach additional signs.


In my opinion, Ravensbourne’s wayfinding system is the most successful aspect of our interior design. Intuitive, bold and visually stunning, it works in perfect harmony with the brand, architecture and envelope of our amazing building.

Jill Hogan (Head of Marketing and Communications)