Tower Bridge, City of London

The Tower Bridge Exhibition is the most exciting way to explore the most famous bridge in the world. From the modern high-level Walkways and its spectacular glass floor to the historic Engine Rooms and towers; Tower Bridge Exhibition tells the history of the bridge explaining how and why it came into existence.

Originally a project for Whybrow from 2009 where we completed the wayfinding, signage, (and in collaboration with Atelier Works) the graphics for Tower Bridge Walkway Exhibition and Engine Room Exhibition. Interestingly this also involved designing and fabricating furniture for the visitors to sit and enjoy the walkways too!

In 2017 we were once again engaged by the City of London to update the panels in Tower Bridge’s East and West walkways.

Over 600,000 visitors a year

For 2017 new graphic friezes were created by Atelier Works to bring the exhibition right up to date, and two additional new panels fabricated. All panels were removed, repositioned and new graphics installed over two nights. With so many visitors a year, the exhibition couldn’t afford to be closed, and this ensured the exhibition wasn’t left without panels for the daytime tourists and visitors. It also meant the team had some amazing views at a time of day that isn’t usually experienced by the public.


I worked with Whybrow on the refurbishment of the panels on the walkways at Tower Bridge. The walkways and the glass floors are an incredibly popular part of the visitor experience at the Bridge, and the panels there tell an important part of the story of Tower Bridge. They had been in place for several years and were in urgent need of replacement. Together we re-organised content and sequence of the panels, and put new ones in place. The timetable was tight, and an additional challenge was the re-installation without interrupting the visitor experience. Thanks to Whybrow and the team the whole operation was a professional, quick and smooth process from start to finish – and the new panels add much needed updated content and fresh design.

Dirk Bennett, Exhibition Development Manager